The focus for these young preschool ages is on social and emotional development, yet we provide a wonderful academic program. The curriculum throughout all our preschool classes is very similar, only tailored to be age appropriate within the individual classroom. All teachers plan their activities based off of the center's weekly theme.  Check out our monthly calendar to see this month's themes here! Our teachers in these rooms create a fun and educational program designed to socialize the children and to create a smooth transition into their next classroom when the time comes.  

The focus for these younger ages is on social and emotional development


Children in the younger two year program focus on self help skills and readiness for potty training while also developing skills to build towards the vast amount of tasks and learning that will take place in the coming years. Sharing, direction following, and participation in sensory and engaging activities sets the stage for fun and exploration for these young learners!


Our older two year group will partake in the next level of learning and skills while also conquering potty training! Our positive teachers put in the needed time and patience in the bathroom with these children all while continuing to offer all of the cornerstone activities of preschool such as letter recognition, music and rhythm, art, sensory activities, outdoor play, science exploration, and so much more! 


Depending on ages of our enrollments, we will either have one group of three year olds or we may have them separated into groups of older and younger three year olds. The three year program is designed to prepare the children for our 4K program. They will continue to work on letter recognition, begin writing their name, use introductory math concepts, and have more experiences with dramatic play, sensory activities, and creative art just to name a few!