Our Four-Year Kindergarten program is designed to help your child with the transition into kindergarten. This is a very crucial time in a child’s development, not only academically, but socially and emotionally. We focus on all areas of a child's development to help create a well rounded individual!



Counting, measuring, sorting, graphing, and simple addition/subtraction, we provide a solid foundation to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Our children learn that math is all around and we can use everyday activities such as snack to count, sort, and have fun while learning such essential skills.

Children love to learn about the things around them and the way everything works. Our weekly themes give us the perfect opportunity to address the many science topics of interest to children. From learning about caterpillars turning into butterflies to watching their own seeds grow into plants, our children find that asking questions is how we learn. Science is all around us, we help them find it!



Through our “letter of the Week” program we explore not only the alphabet, but how we can use each letter to describe the world around us. The children learn letter recognition and pronunciation through writing and verbal use of the letters and associated words. Our 4K students also learn to write their names as well as all upper and lower case letters. These skills are a base for learning to read and depending on the group we may introduce further early reading components such as a word wall.  

The main focus of our 4K is on the fundamentals...

Is there anything more wonderful than exploring the world through the eyes of a child? Although we emphasize many of the important academic fundamentals, we do not for one minute lost sight of how important play is for development. Our kids get plenty of time to choose activities and explore peer interactions through the use of play, both indoors and out!

being a kid


Children that attend our 4k Program have the option to attend as little as three half days a week or up to five full days. Due to our diverse curriculum, even children that attend the minimum amount of days receive all the preparation for kindergarten.

Our 4k students enjoy the ability to bring a small list of school supplies and have their very own art box to keep in their classroom. Lists are available upon enrollment.