Eichers' Kids is truly a family business.

Come see what makes us different and, please, join the family...the more the merrier!

Eichers started in Milwaukee in 1981 and has since had other locations in Milwaukee and Oconomowoc. Our one and only location is now in Brookfield and we have been here since 2000. After decades of renting buildings, the owners, Mary Lynn and Randy Eichers, purchased the building here in Brookfield and have had a great experience creating the school they have always dreamed of.

Our philosophy sets us apart...

Our approach to child care is a mix of nurturing, discipline, and creation of an environment that allows children to feel confident exploring the wonders of learning. We pride ourselves in creating a home-like atmosphere in which every child feels important and safe. All of our programs here at Eichers are structure based and we find our children thrive on the provided routine. We have great success with cooperation, discipline, and mutual respect within all of our classrooms. We tend to be a little 'old fashioned' with our care of children and urge our parents to embrace the ideas of routine, expectations, light hearted fun, nutrition, and wellness.